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Conrad Black: It may not be enough, but Theresa May has done her best

The drama of the British departure from the European Union is finally coming to a climax. Theresa May has never been a compelling or even particularly convincing prime minister, but she seems to have managed the Homeric feat of getting some sort of agreement with Brussels, which her edgy and nervous cabinet has partially supported. But the defection by Jacob Rees-Mogg, head of the European Study Group, which is a good deal less scholarly and more accomplished in the political martial arts than the name or its leader’s elegant demeanour would indicate, suggests a full leadership challenge to May is imminent. I suspect that the unambiguous leavers will tank May, and would find Boris Johnson (former mayor of London and foreign secretary) and Rees-Mogg equally acceptable, and that the remainer

Jordan Peterson: In Amsterdam, pressure to add ‘an extra guest’ to my campus gig

In this occasional series, Jordan Peterson writes from his international speaking tour for his book, 12 Rules for Life, where he’s speaking to sold out crowds throughout North America, Europe and Australia. My Dutch publisher made arrangements for me to be publicly interviewed at the University of Amsterdam in front of an estimated audience of 300 students. I am somewhat loathe to appear at such events, having developed the same feelings about them as comedians such as Jerry Senfield, Chris Rock and Carlos Mencia. They have all decided that it’s not worth it: the risk to reward ratio is just too high. I’ve had highly stressful experiences at the University of Toronto, McMaster and Queen’s in the recent past, when I was confronted by mobs of misbehaving activists, agitated by their idiot pr
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